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Hospital Accounting Software
Hospital Accounting Software
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We offer various business related services dealing with IT like web based application development for business accounting, Inventory control, MIS, online store software for business, Business Server hosting, website designing and hosting, Website marketing and promotion, intranet, e-commerce solutions etc. We believe not just in customer satisfaction but we believe in taking the extra step to give 100% timely and satisfactory service to all of our valued clients.
Web based Accounting
Our Windows hosted, internet / web based, browser driven, cross-browser compatible accounting applications are economical and power packed with features. This application is hosted on a robust MS SQL server database. You can use this web application to keep your accounts from any computer. Click Here to know more about web based accounting and inventory control application.
Accounting and Business Software on Intranet or Internet
Our financial accounting, inventory control and business management software are not just another software solution but we believe in understanding your business objectives and processes and then building a solution that will improve the efficiency in your company and thus enhance your profits. You may connect your distant offices by a common web interface or a full fledged web application or your own web server. Click Here to know more about our intranet solution services and internet browser driven web applications.
Customized Software and Web portal development
We design your websites, e-commerce sites, web based accounting, inventory, business control solutions and internet based applications. Our web designing services are built around the principle that your website is the extended arm of your sales and marketing department and it is independent profit making center vital to your company. We can design, develop and deploy a business management server for billing, accounting, online store as per your specification. Click Here to know more about our web designing services.
Web based Accounting and Business Management
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This website caters to the need of users who want to have an online accounting and inventory software that runs on any computer in an internet Browser. This means your accounts are maintained on web. All you need is to become our member for Online Accounting with us. You will be able to setup your accounts, make invoices, make voucher entry, see ledger and trial balance and other books of accounts. You will just use your browser. When you are finished just log out. It is as simple as that. It could not be more easy, safe and secure! If you are a large organization we can also setup such an Web Accounting, Inventory Control and Business Management Application Server exclusively as per your requirements on a shared hosting account or dedicated server. Click here for more details.

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Click the links above to find out more about these services. These services are available in India and other countries. Our software are also available with source code if required. All software and web applications can be further customized for you in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.

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Click Here for Online Accounting Price List for web based globally accessible shared application, shared hosting or dedicated web application server hosting accounts for accounting, inventory control or business management. Get in control of business at global locations in real-time form your HQ. Click to learn more.

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Financial Accounting Software, (FAS), Web based Accounting, HiTech ’s FAS (Financial Accounting software) is a web based accounting software for global access to your financial accounts. FAS can be used globally from any computer using internet browser.

If you want to have you online store with shopping cart integrated with your business management application with accounting and inventory control, payroll functions etc. then you can sign up for a Merchant Account at Click here to Learn More about this.
All HiTech software are available in two versions:
Full Version & Low Priced Compact Version

Both version fully live up to your expectations of cost effective, professional and reliable business computing for your enterprise.
Full Version with barcode module

Low Priced Compact Version

Without Bar coding, Employee/ Payroll, User Menu Administration Module. Check Full details at the given link.

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